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Finding out what is not working right is the hardest part. A check engine light is a warning that a particular part or a particular vehicle system is not working as designed. A prolonged malfunction situation can lead to costly repairs. We would encourage you to answer the questions below to give us a little more insight as to how and when the conditions occur. By taking the time to answer now, you may help shorten the repair process time. Your information is critical in assisting us during the diagnostic process. Thank you.



  • HOW WE DIAGNOSE YOUR CONCERN To properly inspect, evaluate and repair any drivability concerns, our technicians perform a series of tests and inspection procedures. The cost of any repairs due to a check engine light may vary depending on vehicle make and model, age of vehicle and the environment in which it is operated in. We've included a list of tests and inspections that our technicians may perform. Not all procedures are always required to confirm a check engine light concerns. How We Diagnose Your Vehicle In order to accurately diagnose and repair your vehicle we use the latest in factory and aftermarket testing equipment including, original equipment scan tools and software, other precision instruments such as multi-meters, lab scopes and more. The type of testing we perform may include all or some of the procedures below: Test Drive to confirm the issue. Scan tool engaged to verify fault codes and review vehicle performance. Reference any historical data, Technical Service Bulletins, Factory Recalls, vehicle updates or other performance related information through multiple, subscription based professional data sites. Multiple test drives may be required over time to discover component failure. In some cases, two technicians may be required in order to properly verify and record data in a safe manner. Pinpoint testing with multi meters, lab scope or other professional testing instruments to verify component failure. Perform a post repair test drive to confirm customer concerns have been properly addressed.

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  • PLEASE NOTE: All repairs are warrantied nationwide for a period of 2 years or 24,000 miles with the NAPA Nationwide Warranty. Some exceptions exists with speciality parts or parts that are used. We will provide you with complete estimates prior to performing your selected services. We appreciate your time in completing this service interview.